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HDB Flats, studio apartments, conserved houses, penthouses, old bungalows, land for redevelopment, food factories – these are some types of properties we have sold. 

With over $1 Billion worth of sales transactions garnered over the past few years, we are certain we are able to advise you no matter the type of property you have. 

You have the property, we have the digital tools and experience. Count on us to tell the unique story behind your million dollar listing today and get the selling price you want.

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Audiences feel as if they are right beside us and they love it. 

Our presenters’ engaging and enthusiastic story-telling gives life to the concrete walls and static items in the house, allowing buyers to identify and connect with your property.


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get the selling price you want

First Impression Have To Match The Selling Price

In a world of quick clicks and snap decisions, a lasting first impression is of utmost importance.


of buyers consider “feeling good in the home” a crucial factor when purchasing houses


of buyers trust their first impressions when viewing a property online

Facing trouble in getting that favourable first impression as your house is “older” or looks rather “dull”? But want to get the selling price you have in mind?

No worries, MDLSG offers house staging services to ensure your home appeals to buyers as a million dollar listing.

Check out the image below to see how we staged this property which generated plenty of interest and showings or click here to read more on how we sold this penthouse, achieving the selling price seller wants.

*Psst! Some fun facts about this property: it ultimately got sold at a high selling price despite being niche (due to high ceiling) and the buyer loved the décor so much he could not stop taking photos in the house before and after buying!

MDLSG-Granduer-Park-Before-StagingStaging Grandeur-Park-Penthouse to get the selling price

Drag slider left-right arrow to see photo of property before staging and after staging.


To entice buyers and get the selling price you want, it is vital that your landed space has a modern appeal. As sellers, how do we then give our home that contemporary edge?

Together with our lineup of in-house architects, designers and builders, the MDLSG team guarantees that your home transforms into a symbol of modernity that attracts buyers. 

As buyers make quicker decisions only when various resources (renovation/ rebuild construction plans and costings etc.) are available, enlist MDLSG’s help as we promise to guide and assist you throughout the entire marketing process to get your landed home sold faster than any other competing listing and get the selling price you want.

Aura for sale. Contact Us To Find Out Selling Price.
Aura for sale. Contact Us To Find Out Selling Price.

Drag slider left-right arrow to see original house and artist impression of how it looks like after rebuild.

MDLSG Team Text
MDLSG Team Text
Million Dollar Listing Team

With more than 10 years of industry experience, we have dealt with many memorable and uncommon properties. We are proud of our various accomplishments, such as

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我之前聘请了好几个房地产中介帮我卖房子,结果过了好几个月都没有一个报价。后来我看见了Ella的家访视频, 就联系了她,指定她为我的独家代理。她在工作上的决心和毅力让她能在短短的两个多月,成功的帮我把房子脱手,并且达到我们要的价格。

Peter Xie

Parc Riviera 4 Bedroom Seller

Resourceful, Trustworthy Agent. Highly Recommended

Back then, I was looking to swap my apartment with another closer to my parent’s home, and was considering various options. Other than the regular researches and statistics provided, he was keen to listen and understand my family’s needs, and provided various options and solutions to facilitate the two transactions (sale and purchase of properties). As my busy work schedule did not allow me the luxury of time to manage these transactions, I required a reliable property agent that I could trust. Read More

Alvin Tan

Clementiwoods Seller & D' Leedon Buyer

Focused on the best solution for us, unlike most “salesman”

Following a successful real estate investment consultation, we smoothly upgrade from an HDB to a Condo, witnessing significant positive outcomes. Our downpayment cash outlay was slashed by 50% and we manage to secure 80% bank loan compared to the initial 50%. We also don’t need to sell our existing house. On the very same consultation day, we seized the opportunity to acquire an undervalued property, saving $101 per square foot. We also efficiently utilized 62.5% less CPF for the intended purchase, making the overall transaction more favorable and financially strategic.

Joseph & Pauline

Work Around My Family’s Needs

Elson’s 1-to-1 private real estate consultation on owning a second property has benefited us greatly. After understanding my family’s needs and my personal aspirations, he structured our property portfolio in a creative manner where we potentially own 2 good properties (already have acquired 1 in August) to invest for wealth growing. These 2 properties will help us to generate $5,000 rental savings monthly.

Ken & Sharon

Responsive and Responsible Agent

We have been looking for a home to buy for the past few years and decided to take the plunge now. Elson was able to tell us all the available units selling in this estate and the neighbouring ones. When one unit didn’t work out, he could propose to us other available choices, and that made our house searches so much easier, with no time wasted.

We didn’t have to call many other agents. Elson will also explain to us, the pros and cons of every unit. And which would be a better choice based on our needs. He is also very proficient with Singapore’s real estate rules and government policies, which helped me alot as I am a Singapore PR. Engage him if you need a responsible agent who can settle all your needs.


Costa Rhu Buyer
xiangmin MENG
xiangmin MENG
David Huang
David Huang
Excellent service in helping me to rent a flat
Paul Yap
Paul Yap
Ela was a great agent who gave good advice and was attentive from start to end.. she was a great help.. 👍


Rest assured that MDLSG will provide you with our expertise from the start till the end of your marketing campaign so that your listing stands out among the rest and gets its optimal selling price.